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There are many ways that you can be an active part of our church family and serve on team. Look below to see how you can be part of our serving team.

For people who are already on team, to go Planning Centre Online to manage rosters and block-out dates

Welcoming Team

We love having smiling faces at our front door helping people to feel invited and welcome to visit or join of church family.

Come help us welcome people into our services and help them find a place to sit in our Sunday Service.


To ask about becoming part of the Welcoming Team contact the office at


Help bless our church family and visitors by creating a great atmosphere for connection after our service.

Be part of our Sunday Service as well as conferences and special events.


To ask about becoming part of the Hospitality Team contact the office at

Worship Team

We long to find spaces of worship where we can encounter God and His transforming presence.

Using our vocal and musical gifts to draw others into worship is such a privilege to be part of. 


To ask about joining the Worship Team contact Keith at

Sound Team

Operating our sound desk is such an awesome responsibility helping shape the sound of our worship and speakers for our congregation.

Learning to shape sound and operate the sound desk in conjunction with stage set up and managing sound resources.


To ask about becoming part of the Sound Team contact Keith at

Visuals Team

The Visuals Team fulfills such an important role bow during our worship time as well as helping communicate new and important information at our Sunday services.

Operating the visuals computer, displaying video news.


To ask about becoming part of the Visuals Team contact Keith at

Set-up Team

Helping prepare the church space for a great time of worship and connection.

Setting up the stage elements, seating, connect cards and helping prepare both the welcoming and hospitality areas.


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To ask about becoming part of the Set-up Team contact Keith at

Kids Church Team

Caring for our children and raising to know a God who loves them is so rewarding.

We believe that our children carry the same Holy Spirit and have dedicated teams who help them learn to connect with God and grow in their relationship with Him


To ask about becoming part of the Kids Church Team contact Kristine at

Ministry Team

We believe that God wants us to be whole and prayer ministry is one of the avenues used in our church to lead people into wholeness.

Going through training to pray for and encourage people as they come up for prayer


To ask about becoming part of the Ministry Team contact the office at