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At Catch the Fire Sydney we believe that there is no junior Holy Spirit, so our heart is to provide our children with a safe environment where their relationship with God can be nurtured and grown.

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All of our Kids' Programmes run from 3pm-5:30pm

Make sure to sign your child and provide your phone number so we can contact you during the service if there are any issues that need your attention.  

Please fill out a Kids' Ministry Registration Form so your child can join in the fun!

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Koalas is our program for babies and toddlers ages 12 months - 3 years (not yet in a pre-school/kindy)

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Kangaroos is our program for kids ages 3-5 (currently enrolled in pre-school/kindy program

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Kids Church is for children in primary school aged 5 - 12 years. 

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Have infants who are too young for our Kids' Ministry Program?  We value you being able to worship and enjoy the sermon, and also care for your infant's heart and want to make sure that until they are old enough to enjoy our programme that you have a place for them to be able to play, breastfeed, or allow them to sleep.

For your convenience, we have a Parent's Room directly behind the sanctuary with curtains and a live speaker feed to be able to hear everything going on in the main room.