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We value getting healing - physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you think you may need to pursue some areas of inner-healing, you are welcome to speak with one of our pastors, or look at some of the following options.

Sunday Services

We pray for people at the end of each of our service.  Come forward any week for prayer for healing, life situations etc.  

This will be general prayer for a few minutes from a Ministry Team member or Pastor in the presence of Holy Spirit.


Prophetic Presbytery

On the 3rd Sunday of every month Catch The Fire Sydney holds Prophetic Presbytery where our Prophetic Team pray over individuals and give encouraging prophetic words immediately after the service.

Come and receive from trusted leaders as they communicate words of truth from your Heavenly Father!

Go to our Events page to see when this is next on.




We run Encounter Weekends periodically throughout the year which teach, among other things, the tools for getting our hearts healed up, getting freedom, restoring identity, forgiveness and repentance and much more.  The idea for the weekend is that after it you feel like your connection with Father, Son and Holy Spirit is good, you’re cleaned up, and ready to run full of Holy Spirit and vision for the future.  




This year we are introducing Encounter 2.   It won’t be as heavy on the inner healing and fundamentals layer, but will build on that to talk about how we minister and live like the disciples in our world today from a place of oneness with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.   The idea for Encounter 2 is that once you’ve got the basics, lets go deeper and higher!




We encourage our church to talk to their connect group leaders about things going on in their hearts.  If it’s something that can’t be dealt with at the connect group level and you need to have a pastoral catch up to pray about it further or help find the way forwards in something, you can request a pastoral catch up!   These are generally booked in during work hours on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for about 45 minutes at the church offices.  If you’d like an appointment email or call the office to set it up.  




If you need further help with something thats a bit deeper and needs some more specialised time set aside for it, then we recommend you try Restoring the Foundations.  There is a couple in sydney that we refer to and if you’re from our church and would like advice on how best to access RTF then please contact the office.  If you’re not within our church family, then we have a few generic recommendations for you below for services that are publicly accessible from other ministries.  We can’t give you certainty about 



For information on other inner healing services and resources try some of the links below.

Dayspring Church

Located in Castle Hill, Dayspring Church runs a Healing Centre.

For information go to



Ellel Ministries provide inner healing services.

For information go to

Catch the Fire Auckland

Catch The Fire Auckland have a Transformation Centre where people can engage in Sozo, Prophetic Consultation and Dream Interpretation.

For information go to


Restoring the Foundations

Restoring the Foundations (RTF) Ministries provide inner healing services.

For information go to or contact one of the following: