(v) To fall down, to get close enough to kiss, to show worthy, adoration.  Worship is our response to an encounter or revelation of God.

Worship is a priority of Catch The Fire Sydney and it is through music, singing, dancing and the arts that we corporately express our love for God.  We worship because He is worthy!

House Worship Nights

We can worship our God anyplace, anytime and in so many different ways. So to expand on the great worship we already experience in our Sunday Services, we started CTF House Worship Sessions last year.  Our house worship nights will be nights where we can join together as family and set aside time for more intimate worship in an acoustic setting, coming like little kids expecting great things from time with our Heavenly Daddy.

Burning Nights
We worship throughout the week in various ways as well as on Sunday during our weekly service, but sometimes we want to have an extended time of worship with no agenda.  That is what the BURNING nights are for!  They are radical extended worship nights with various styles and flavours.  We often include worship teams from other churches to make it a gathering of the larger kingdom community.  

Worship Team
If you are interested in joining the worship team (either by singing, playing an instrument, or A/V) please contact our office for more information.

Dance & the Arts
We love the various expressions of worship through creative media and dance and understand that singing and playing instruments are not the only way to express our adoration for our heavenly Father.  If you are interested in being involved in dance items or creative arts please contact us.