Connect Groups

The Bible teaches us that first century followers of Jesus attended two different types of meetings each week.  They met in a large group in the temple courts and they also met in smaller gatherings in homes.  At Catch the Fire Sydney we do the same and really value what goes on in the smaller meetings.

Connect Groups are an amazing way to encounter God in a deep and personal way furing the week, learn more about the Bible, and to build community by meeting new people and making new friends.  They are small groups of people that meet together on a regular basis in homes, coffee shops, or parks.  When you become a part of a Connect Group, you are helping yourself to grow in faith, have a good time, and be encouraged to take risks to see the Kingdom of Heaven impact not only you, but those in the world around you at your school, job, neighbourhood, as well as your other spheres of influence.

Connect Groups are CTF Sydney's small groups of around 8-15 people who meet in convenient locations across Sydney.  Each meeting is 1-2 hours long depending on the group and their theme, but they can have a tremendous impact on your week!  You are welcome to try out a few before committing to one so that you make sure that you find the one that is right for you.  We strongly encourage you to check out the times below, find one that fits your schedule, and check it out!  

Suburb Leader(s) Names Date/Time Frequency Who Can Join?
Killara Connect (co-ed) Kev and Amy  Thursdays, 7:30pm weekly Everyone
Killara Connect(Ladies) Lindsay  Thursdays, 7:30pm fortnightly Ladies
CBD Men's Lunch Daniel  Thursdays, lunch monthly Men
North Sydney Men's Lunch David Thursdays, lunch monthly Men
Young Men's Connect David Wednesdays, 7:00pm fortnightly Young Adult Men Only (18-35)
Yound Women's Connect Emily and Ashlee Wednesdays, 7:00pm fortnightly Young Adult Women Only (18-35)
UNSW Connect Mark Wednesdays, 1:00pm weekly Everyone
Families Connect Keith and Jo Fridays, 7:00pm fortnightly Families

For more information or directions to these groups, please contact our church office here.